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Must try local eats for your next beach trip

The world is opening back up! That means time to get back to exploring and tasting the local flavor of some of our favorite tropical and beach destinations.

If you're heading to Mexico, be sure to try Tacos de Papa. These tacos feature cumin spiced potatoes, egg, Mexican cheese and can be topped with your favorite fixings like queso fresco, shredded cabbage and salsa verde. Throw in a Mexican beer and you're all set.

When you think of Jamaica you probably think of the beautiful beaches, food, and culture of this island nation. If you haven't already you must try the national dish of ackee and saltfish. Ackee is usually stewed with tomatoes, spices, onions, and stewed codfish. Serve it up with some fried dumplings or plaintains and your belly will be happy. Enjoy this dish for breakfast or dinner!

Heading to Hawaii? Enjoyed raw, cooked, or cubed, poke is a dish you can find just about anywhere. Poke is packed with flavorful ingredients such as sesame seeds, soy, chili peppers, and more. It can also be served with chicken or pork instead of seafood or really however you like it!

Have you tried any of these local dishes before? Let us know your fave. And when you're ready for your next tropical vacay get started with a free consultation here.

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