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My experience traveling during a pandemic

Updated: Mar 3

With much of 2020 in a travel standstill many of our planned trips were cancelled. I was looking forward to Belize this year and being as travel is very much a part of our self-care routine, road trips just weren't cutting it. Warm weather and the beach is life for me. Enter Mexico! Close to the U.S., one of our favorite destinations to visit and plan, and the only entry restrictions were entering by land. We decided on Cancun, so my wife and I booked our flights and off we went for a much needed getaway!

woman on swing at hotel resort

Getting to Cancun was pretty simple. With the pandemic extra precautions are put in place to protect travelers. A visitor tourist card is required along with the mandatory completion of a health questionaire. The health questionaire must be completed no sooner than one day prior to arrival. It's best to print out your document showing proof of completion (it has a QR code on it). As you get through customs and exit to your transportation you barely notice the thermal scanners monitoring your temperature as you pass through. I arranged our transportation in advance and it was just us in the vehicle. Face masks were required for the duration of the ride to our hotel and our driver also wore a face mask.

We stayed at 2 resorts during our stay, both all-inclusive. Noticeable differences were at the restaurants. Face masks were required at the buffets for breakfast and basically everything was wrapped and/or served on personal small plates. Definitely a good look during these times. Overall I felt comfortable and the resorts stepped up to ensure everyone felt comfortable during their stay. One resort even provided hand sanitizer in the room. I thought that was super cool because it was a nice size bottle.

two women on speedboat in Mexico

Overall, we enjoyed a comfortable and relaxing vacation to Cancun. My favorite part was our photoshoot on the beach (shout out to Martin our photographer!) and the jungle tour excursion.

Listen, you can't go to Cancun and not enjoy at least one awesome activity. Driving your own personal speedboat and snorkeling in beautiful waters seeing all kinds of sizes of fish was nothing short of fun! Oh, and I can't forget the close up with the alligator! Can't wait to do it all again soon!

Ready for your own Mexican escape? I'd love to help you! Send me a message to get started or click here.

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