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Is Upgrading Your Travel Worth the Cost?

Updated: Mar 3

I recommend you save your upgrade investments for the parts of your travel it will make the biggest difference. Here are a few things to consider:

Flights: How long will you be in the air? Upgrading to first or business class has greater benefits on a long-haul flight than a short hop.

But you don’t have to go all-in to enjoy flight upgrades. The extra legroom with a premium economy seat can make a tremendous difference on a long flight.

Ground transportation: How tired might you feel after your flight? And how easy is public transport at your destination? Stepping off a long-haul flight into a hot and unfamiliar country, then into the extra comfort and convenience of a private car that whisks you straight to your air-conditioned hotel can be priceless.

Accommodation: Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean five-star resort. Luxury could mean an ocean-view room, access to a relaxing spa onsite, or daily breakfast in bed.

Activities: Experiences are such a big part of true luxury in travel. When a hotel room or flight is long forgotten, experiences stay with you for years to come. Book a cooking class with a local family. Arrange a sunset meal on the beach, with the waves lapping your ankles. Plan a guided tour of favorite local spots. Rent pretty bikes and cycle off on a day-long wine tasting course. Learn to carve, paint, or sculpt with a local artist.

These are just some high-level tips. Based on experience, I know when it’s worth upgrading and when it’s not. Reach out today for more expert advice!

Ready to upgrade your next vacation? Get started by scheduling a call here.

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