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Traveling to Europe? American travelers will soon need a visa to visit

Updated: Mar 3

The American passport is currently ranked 8th most powerful in the world with visa free access to 184 destinations worldwide however, in early 2024 that will change as Europe is set to implement new travel document requirements.

The new set of regulations called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) will require all visitors who currently travel visa-free to Europe such as citizens from the US and Canada to apply for travel authorization and receive approval prior to their departure.

To receive authorization a visitor must first complete an online form providing details about their travel plans, biographical information, along with answering some security questions. The application will cost about $8 USD and is required for all travelers regardless of their age.

All ETIAS member countries such as Italy, France, Iceland, Spain, Switzerland, and Bulgaria will require the new travel authorization. The good news is that travel authorization for most applicants will be granted wihin an hour and is valid for multipe entries over the course of 3 years or until your passport expires.

Currently no official date has been set for implementation of the new travel document requirements.

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